Interview with Ronald Kleverlaan – Crowdfunding for fundraisers

Fundraising Online is an online and digital fundraising conference from 13 to 14 May 2014 with fundraisers logging on from around the world to benefit from the expertise of renowned speakers from the comfort and convenience of their own home or office.

We interviewed Ronald Kleverlaan. He is one of the most important innovators on crowdfunding in Europe and keynote speaker on crowdfunding trends. He is senior advisor Crowd Investing for the European Commission, vice-chairman of the European Crowdfunding Network and founder of the Crowdfunding Hub, the Dutch crowdfunding knowledge institute.

His session „Crowdfunding for fundraisers“ at Fundraising Online will taking place on Wednesday 13 May at 15:00 (German time).

Ronald Kleverlaan


1. What fascinates you about digital fundraising in combination with Crowdfunding?

It provides transparency and quicker access to funding for organizations and people that want to focus on fundraising for specific, dedicated projects. It supports the strong possibilities of fundraising. You will not only raise funds, but also create a dedicated community that works together on realizing the project with all means available (network, resources, funding).

2. What is special about the Fundraising Online in 2015?

It is an unique event which gives fundraisers from all over the world access to top-level speakers, without the need to travel to a conference. This opens up the knowledge to a big group of fundraisers who normally would not have access to this knowledge. The format of having short, 1-hour workshops, makes it possible for even the busiest fundraiser to watch his/her favourite topic in just an hour and get up-to-date on the latest information of this topic.

3. What can our German colleagues learn from Crowdfunding for fundraisers?

Crowdfunding is much more then raising funds. The 2 biggest misconception of crowdfunding are in fact CROWD & FUNDING. Donations are not coming from an anonymous crowd, but an involved and dedicated community. Furthermore it is possible to use crowdfunding not only to raise funds, but also as a great marketing tool, do market research on interests from the public, build stronger relationships with you donors and provide access to additional funds (from larger donors or government grants) when you can show there is a large public support for a public campaign.

4. What are the first steps that our German fundraisers could take to implement these within their fundraising practice?

Focus on project-based fundraising instead of fundraising for your “brand”. Define practical, (small) projects together with the people who work on the projects and let them tell the story. Experiment with these projects in a pilot and see how people react. You will see people get a strong connection with the projects and want to do more then only donating money. Average amounts they will give are also higher then with “normal” donor campaigns.

Thank you Ronald for the interview!

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